Before Classes

Quietly coming into the building. Remove shoes and put shoes in their proper shelves. Proceed to sign in.

If there is a class in progress, then wait quietly for permission to enter the class. Also wait if the change room is needed.

The change rooms and dojo must be kept clean at all times. If you see garbage on any of the floors or seating area then please pick it up. This is a good habit to get into. If no class is in progress, then proceed to the change rooms bowing at the edges of the matting. If the doors are open in main dojo, this means no classes are in progress, bow and quietly begin training. Very low to No talking unless Kyoju/Sensei/Coach has given you permission.

You may use the washrooms or drink water before and after classes. Please make this effort, because using the washroom or drinking during class stops the group’s momentum.

If asked to help Kyoju/Sensei/Coach with Demonstration(s)/instruction(s)

Please only use resistance when instructed or it’s needed, this will give the best view for everyone to see each, frame, pivot, and or grab. To learn the technique as resistance changes or is increased will change the way the application will be shown. Extreme resistance during the first demonstration may also give the wrong view to new students and can cause loss in the of growth to the dojo. There will be lots of time to apply the techniques pressure after much repetition and in free rolling.

When you are given a task or authorities, don’t be rude or over demanding when instructing or Supervising. Think of being asked as the question follows. “How would you run your dojo and want your students to behave and train” with that stated, treat the opportunity of helping and supporting Kyoju’s wishes as a privilege that he is showing you respect and confidence in your abilities. Kyoju has the final word; we are trying to work together. When you boss around people then you could lose friends, and it will be hard to get students to train with you!

After classes

When class is dismissed, students must remain quiet, as not to disturb the next class. Sometimes classes will go beyond the scheduled time. If it’s not an emergency, then you or your children will be dismissed with in a ten-minute time of the scheduled time!

If an advance student is cleaning matting and dojo, it is a lower rank student(s) privilege to ask to take their spot of Osoji (大掃除) means "big cleaning"

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